Royal assent for hunting?

The benefits of hunting for conservation have met with acceptance from Prince William, according to the president of Botswana.

President Masisi said he had spoken with the Duke of Cambridge about trophy hunting returning to Botswana during a conference on illegal wildlife trade. The Duke had given a speech opening the conference.

Plans to lift the current ban have met with opposition from animal rights campaigners, but – says President Masisi – William indicated that he accepted there could be a conservation case for hunting in Botswana.

It is estimated that a third of Africa’s elephant population resides in Botswana. In a subsequent interview with The Times, President Masisi said: “We do not want to come across as loving to kill animals. We are just being rational in the same way any Brit would if you had 100,000 elephants marauding over the UK. If you want to test it out we can give you 500. I bet you’d be screaming,”

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One comment on “Royal assent for hunting?
  1. Paul Smith says:

    Oh dear man wont be happy until he has dedtroyed every animal on the planet.

    This sounds like an excuse to build the countries economy through ivory sales.

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