Sauer goes down Route 101


Budget-conscious stalkers could have a new favourite rifle in the newly launched Sauer 101, which promises premium performance at a mid-range price.

In a press launch event at the headquarters of distributor Garlands in Staffordshire, the new bolt-action was unveiled to the UK press.

Among its features are an intelligent Dura Safe safety, extra-wide trigger and right- or left-handed shootability.

Jamie Garland said: “The Sauer 101 is five or six years in the making. Most of the medium calibres are available, from .22-250 up to .338 Lapua.

“The rifle has the classic Sauer look, and owners of the 202 will recognise the bolt’s six lugs.”

Particularly notable is the rifle’s safety, which acts directly on the firing pin. The combination of button and lever means you can’t accidentally knock it into the firing position, and the bolt is locked in place while the rifle is on safe.

But an unlock button behind the bolt handle allows you to unload with the safety still on.

The synthetic Classic XT model will be available for one £1,395, or for £200 more you can get the walnut-stocked Sauer 101 Classic.

Contact Garlands on 01827 383300 or for more details.

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