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After five continuous years of fundraising for Save the Rhino International, Sporting Rifle’s charity auction is back and hoping to be bigger than ever.

Today, 5 September, is your last day to bid – after which we’re closing all the lots. So don’t delay – get your bids in now.

It’s a big year for our auction and it’s also a big year for the rhino in general. Save The Rhino have given us an overall update on how this species is faring, which you can read below. In the meantime, please keep on supporting our fundraising efforts – and a big thanks to those who have already done so. We’re now at £83,000 raised since we kicked off our first auction in 2010 – that money has made a big difference to the lives of anti-poaching rangers on the ground, and we have no intention of stopping.

The money we raise goes directly to making rangers’ lives safer and easier – buying vital equipment such as radios, hydration packs and footwear, and helping establish base camps in the bush to prolong the time they can safely spend on patrol. We’re particularly proud of the fact that every penny raised will go directly to help safeguard vulnerable rhino in southern Africa. We haven’t deducted anything from the total and there are no administration or handling fees applied. All this money is vital in the continuing fight against the poaching menace, which shows no signs of abating. Keep the fight going – support our auction today.

Lot 22: Jump with the Red Devils


LOT 1 A week’s rhino safari at Big Game Parks, Swaziland. Includes five days’ accommodation and guided viewing with black and white rhino, elephant, lion and antelope including the rare roan. A tour of the poaching exhibition at Reilly’s rock and an explanation of the anti-poaching efforts in Swaziland since the infamous rhino wars of the 1990s. Current bid: £1,100

LOT 2 A medal Chinese water deer buck in Bedfordshire with top stalker Paul Childerley. Current bid: £700

LOT 3 A weekend’s sika stalking for two rifles in Ireland hosted by John Fenton. Sporting Rifle’s Jason Doyle will guide. To be taken November-December (stags and hinds), January-February (hinds/calves only). Current bid: £1,050

LOT 4 Trophy roebuck with John Robson in Yorkshire – to be taken next spring or autumn. Current bid: £375

LOT 5 Cull stalk in Hampshire with Dominic Griffith. Afternoon range work, evening stalk and morning stalk included. For roe does, fallow does, muntjac. To be taken in February 2018. Current bid: £600

LOT 6 Trophy roebuck stalk in Yorkshire with editor Pete Carr. Current bid: £550

LOT 7 A weekend foxing with Mark Ripley on the South Downs. Accommodation not included. Equipment can be supplied. Two early morning outings. Can be taken June, July, August 2017. Current bid: £400

LOT 8 Weekend’s boar shooting in Germany in October-November 2017 with Pete Carr. Current bid: £2,001

LOT 9 A weekend fallow deer culling in Essex with Sporting Rifle contributor Geoff Garrod to be taken in February 2018. Current bid: £600

LOT 10 One trophy muntjac buck in Essex with Sporting Rifle contributor Geoff Garrod. Current bid: £475

LOT 11 A weekend’s foxing with Mark Nicholson. FAC holders only with fox variation, expectation 15-20 foxes. Current bid: £400

LOT 12 Four days’ guided wild brown trout fishing for two people in the Lake District mountain tarns. Includes five nights’ farmhouse accommodation. Current bid: £520

LOT 13 Be a Sporting Rifle cover star. Your face on the front cover of your favourite magazine. Current bid: £225

LOT 14 Deerhunter has donated its latest state-of-the-art Mouflon set, including jacket, trousers and cap in solid green. For more information on Deerhunter gear, visit Current bid: £325

LOT 15 A two-day fallow buck hunt for two people in the 2017 season in Ireland – up to two bucks per person, cull and bucks with chance of trophy (no extra fee) and three nights’ accommodation. Current bid: £900

LOT 16 Evening and morning’s stalk on mixed woodland in Warwickshire for roe doe or muntjac. Novice or experienced rifles welcome, walk-and-stalk or high seat. Expect 2-3 cull animals. Donated by Jim Dickson. Current bid: £260

LOT 17 Two outings for foxes with Robert Bucknell. Date to be arranged over the 2017 harvest, August/September. Lamping from vehicle or on foot. An ideal chance to pick up tips from an experienced foxer using various techniques. FAC holders only with fox variation. Current bid: £451

LOT 18 A training day with WMS set amid thousands of acres of Welsh hillside, honing your skills in various sporting scenarios on steel targets. Current bid: £275

LOT 19 A day’s pigeon shooting with Geoff Garrod in Essex. An exclusive chance to join the Shooting Show regular for a day at the woodies, with the possibility of a 100-plus bag. Current bid: £505

LOT 20 Four nights’ high seat shooting for four people for wild boar in Germany. Self-catering accommodation and all trophy fees included. FAC holders only, minimum calibre .270. Current bid: £2,400

LOT 21 A red stag in the rut with Chris Dalton of South Ayrshire Stalking. To include two nights’ accommodation at Garryloop B&B with Chris and Anne – to be taken by arrangement during 1-20 October 2017. Current bid: £650

LOT 22 A tandem jump from an airbase in Wiltshire or Nottingham. Courtesy of Corporal Mike French, Red Devils Display Team, and Major Jon Scrivener, 3rd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment. Reserve: £300

CONTACT US NOW TO BID: or 01225 687426

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  1. Eddie Mason says:

    LOT 13 –

    Hi there, my wife Sarah has just passed DSC1 and this would be a great way to congratulate her. Please let me know a decent bid. Many thanks and kind regards,

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