Save The Rhino auction 2018 – place your bids!

Get bidding in our 2018 Save The Rhino auction, which will benefit the Big Game Parks reserves in Swaziland

Our 2018 auction to raise funds for Save The Rhino is now open. Having raised £90,000 to date, we’re thrilled that this year’s auction will take us past the six-figure mark in terms of funds raised.

And we’re happy to announce that all the money raised in Sporting Rifle’s 2018 Save The Rhino auction will benefit Big Game Parks in Swaziland. The work done by Mick Reilly and his team across Big Game Parks’s three reserves is phenomenal considering that, with Swaziland’s close proximity to the Kruger and Mozambique, there is a constant threat to the black and white rhino in the region. Long-term conservation strategies are an essential step towards reducing the poaching threat and reducing this risk faced by rhino populations.

The money we raise goes directly to making rangers’ lives safer and easier – buying vital equipment such as radios, hydration packs and footwear, and helping establish base camps in the bush to prolong the time they can safely spend on patrol. We’re particularly proud of the fact that every penny raised will go directly to help safeguard vulnerable rhino in southern Africa. We haven’t deducted anything from the total and there are no administration or handling fees applied.

All this money is vital in the fight against poaching, which shows no signs of abating.

This year we have a special request – and that’s for you to get involved in offering lots as well as bidding on them. It’s thanks to the generosity of Sporting Rifle’s advertisers, contributors and friends that the auction continues to be so successful every year, with many of our supporters offering a lot every single time the auction has run.


LOT 1 A week’s rhino safari at Big Game Parks. Includes five days’ accommodation and guided viewing with black and white rhino, elephant, lion and antelope including the rare roan. Tour of the poaching exhibition at Reilly’s rock and an explanation of the anti-poaching efforts in Swaziland since the rhino wars of the 1990s

LOT 2 A medal CWD buck in Bedfordshire with Paul Childerley. To be taken March 2019.

LOT 3 Weekend’s sika stalking for two rifles in Ireland hosted by John Fenton. To be taken November-December (stags and hinds), January-February (hinds/calves only).

LOT 4 Trophy roebuck stalk in Yorkshire with Sporting Rifle editor Pete Carr.

LOT 5 Cull stalk in Hampshire with Dominic Griffith. Range work, evening and morning stalk included. For roe/fallow does, muntjac. To be taken February 2019.

LOT 6 A weekend fallow deer culling in Essex with Sporting Rifle contributor Geoff Garrod in February 2019.

LOT 7 Trophy muntjac buck in Essex with Geoff Garrod.

LOT 8 Red stag with Chris Dalton of South Ayrshire Stalking. To include two nights’ accommodation at Garryloop – to be taken by arrangement during the 2019 stag season.

LOT 9 A weekend roe doe stalking in Yorkshire for two rifles. To be taken in early 2019 by arrangement with the editor, Pete Carr.

LOT 10 Weekend’s driven boar shooting in Germany in November 2018 or 2019 with Pete Carr.

LOT 11 Three-day chamois hunt in Austria. Includes accommodation, hunting and transfers (flight to Austria not included).

LOT 12 A weekend’s foxing with Mark Nicholson. FAC holders with fox variation.

LOT 13 Two outings for foxes with Robert Bucknell. Date to be arranged in 2019. Lamping from vehicle or on foot. An ideal chance to pick up tips from an experienced foxer. FAC holders only with fox variation.

LOT 14 Evening and morning’s stalk on mixed woodland in Warwickshire for roe doe or muntjac. Novice or experienced rifles welcome, walk-and-stalk or high seat. Expect 2-3 cull animals. Donated by Jim Dickson.

LOT 15 Be a Sporting Rifle cover star. Your face on the front cover of your favourite magazine.


Please send your bids to or post to: Save the Rhino Auction, Future Publishing, Units 1-3 Sugarbrook Court, Aston Road, Bromsgrove B60 3EX. Be sure to include your contact details alongside the lot number and how much you would like to bid. Details of leading bids will be published in Sporting Rifle every month and updated regularly on the website.

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