Scottish venison safety campaign

The Scottish Venison Partnership has linked up with Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and Scottish Quality Wild Venison (SQWV) to launch a new campaign to remind stalkers to take the greatest care and attention when putting venison into the food chain.

The initiative will promote three films produced by the same partners to remind stalkers about where the highest risks of contamination lie in the process and steps that can be taken to minimise these.

Dick Playfair from the Scottish Venison Partnership said: “There are a lot of good things happening in the wild deer sector right now, not least a new venison strategy being launched in Scotland in early September by the Scottish Government recognising the qualities of both wild and farmed product and their potential to meet the demands of an expanding market in the UK and beyond.

“Coupled with this is the drive to raise standards and remind those involved that, whether they are producing venison for their own consumption, to give away, or to sell into the food chain, they are in the food business and have a responsibility to ensure that what they make available is as safe as it can be.

“Best practice is paramount where ever deer are being managed – what we are doing is highlighting the food safety aspects of that process for all who involved, no matter where they hail from.

“We need this campaign and its simple messages to be far reaching, and to make people take notice. What happens after pulling the trigger is crucial. It’s not a wake-up call but hopefully a strong reminder that food safety must be a priority in order to maintain the reputation of UK wild venison.”

To view the films, search online for Youtube – Scottish Venison Channel.

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