Seeking a Sika solution

Due to the dramatic rise in wild deer and boar, the Japanese government are seeking to revise the wildlife hunting laws to prevent widespread damage to agriculture and forestry.

Sika Deer (Cervus nippon)

It is estimated that the 2.61 million ‘nihonjika’ or sika deer recorded in 2011 will rise to over 5 million by 2025, while the ‘inoshishi’ or wild boar population stands at approximately 880,000. Concerns about agricultural destruction have been raised; the total damage was found to cost ¥20 billion for 2011.

To combat this growing threat, the government plans to amend its bill to create a system of animal management, certifying companies and non-profit organisations as hunting entities if conditions are met. The combined effort of individual hunters and authorised organisations would attempt to meet numerical targets set forth by the central government. Prefectural governments would then implement their own hunting programmes to support the amendment.

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