SPONSORED: Beat the midges with Nomad’s anti-mosquito Quadrider


Summer time means the reappearance of the dreaded midge. A nuisance when out, they can be like a plague at times, and are especially troublesome when gralloching.

NomadUK’s Anti-Mosquito Quadrider, however, makes stalking in their midst a delight. The anti-midge veil has a fine matt-finished mesh that completely hides any flash from skin while still being clear to look through – especially important when looking through binoculars or riflescope. It rolls up into a studded flap above the binocular pouch to be released and zipped into position. It’s no ordinary veil – it took two and a half  years of development.

The fleece is water-resistant to allow air in, and at the pressure points of elbows, shoulders and hood it is waterproof and breathable.  Adaptable to most conditions, it can be used all year round.

Nomad UK  07736 255100  https://nomaduk.biz


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