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At this time of year, many shooters will thinking about keeping their gundog training up to scratch out of season.

Or may even be looking to a new puppy to train ready for the next season. In either case, Bisley Country Products has a wide range of accessories suitable to help you train your adult dog or get your puppy training off to the best possible start.

For more information, just visit: http://bit.ly/bisgdog

Bisley Dog Dummies

All Bisley canvas dummies are made in the UK and will float for a reasonable amount of time. The range is available in a variety of weights, shapes and colours, and even includes a rabbit fur covered 1lb dummy. 

Dummy Launchers and Blank Firers

Our Dummy Launchers are proofed in the UK for use with .22 blanks. Alongside the launchers, we have a vast range of launcher dummies and blanks of different strengths.

The range of blank firing pistols, or “starting” pistols are approved in the UK and comply with all current legislation as per the VCR Act. Don’t forget to use hearing protection with all blank firing pistols and dummy launchers.

Leads & Collars

All Bisley rope leads and collars are made in the UK from the best quality rope. The range includes a very wide variety of colours and widths, plus long tracking leads, hands-free hunting leads and double leads.

Added to the range this year, there is also a high-quality British-made leather collar and matching lead range. Perfect for country walks when not training.

Whistles & Lanyards

All dog whistles in our range are manufactured in the UK by the famous Acme company. Our range of Bisley lanyards are available in traditional nylon rope or leather, and again are made in the UK in multiple widths and colours.

Other Accessories

You can also find Animology dog shampoos, spot cleaners and deodorisers, flashing LED collars, waterproof dog jackets and dog training literature specific to the most popular gundog breeds in the range on offer.

For further details on all gundog training items on offer, visit your local retailer or find out more at bisley-uk.com.

Bisley Country Products are distributed in the UK by John Rothery (Wholesale) Co. Ltd

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