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Whether it’s for accurately identifying and spotting your quarry or for safety, a bright and versatile torch is one thing you should always carry.

Most newcomers to the sport tend to start out shooting during day light hours, but the lure of night shooting can be very appealing for a number reasons and can certainly be great fun.

Rabbit shooting is often the thing that convinces you to try lamping because as dusk draws in, the more rabbits come out to play. However, shooting once the sun has set entails different techniques you must employ and equipment you must carry into the field.

One obvious requirement, of course, is a reliable and suitable torch or most probably two. Gone are the days of needing huge batteries to power headlights from cars in order to get the sort of brightness you needed.

Thanks to LED technology, if you’re heading out in the day or night, carrying a lightweight and compact torch in your pocket is no longer a hardship and it makes sense to always carry one just in case of unexpected circumstances.

Streamlight Inc., is a leading provider of high-performance lighting devices, offering a range of high-quality products built with precision and performance especially for sporting goods, law enforcement, fire & rescue, hardware/tools and the military.

Since 1973 the company has continued to design, manufacture and market high-performance flashlights, and today offers a broad array of lights, lanterns, weapon light/laser sighting devices, and scene lighting tools. Here are a range of Streamlight torches that provide maximum reliability and versatility for every shooter:


Having the best headlamp for shooting doesn’t just affect your success; it also affects your safety and comfort on the shoot. This newest Streamlight headlamp is multi-function and USB rechargeable.

Always have the light you need with Spot and Flood beams, both of which are necessary for giving you a clear view of the path ahead and lighting up the areas around you.

On high, the spot beam delivers 200 lumens and a 91-meter beam distance, more than enough to light up any hazards in your path far enough in advance that you can avoid them all together or at least prepare for them.

With versatile functions, ‘Spot’ gives you a bright, focused beam, ‘Flood’ provides soft, area illumination that won’t tire your eyes on a long task and red or green LEDs will preserve night vision.

The Enduro Pro USB has an MSRP of £51 to £55 depending on the configuration.


From stalking to wild fowling or pest control at night, the Streamlight Night Com LED features top of the range night vision preservation technology. The red light can be invisible to game, and it doesn’t require your eyes to adjust as must while you’re on the hunt.

The lithium powered Night Com combines Streamlight’s new C4 premium LED Technology and MIL STD LED Night Vision protection, to provide output that is 2 to 3 times the output of previously available power LEDs.

Computer-milled knurling on the body of the Night Com provides maximum grip with or without gloves and the light comes with high-strength writ lanyard, for use when your hands are full out in the field.

The Night Com LED has an MSRP of £70.


The MicroStream USB is an ultra-compact, small but mighty, personal light that fits in the palm of your hand. Accurate visibility and situational awareness are crucial to shooting, and this torch is the perfect every day carry.

It’s small enough to carry in a pocket or clip to a cap, while offering extraordinary lumen output and the convenience of charging on the go. It’s the ideal lighting tool, whether for shooting and other outdoor sports, DIY jobs, patrol duty or automotive and industrial jobs.

The MicroStream USB has an MSRP of £40.


The compact and extremely powerful Strion Switchblade® , a 500 lumen area light, exhibits Streamlight’s dedication to continually developing their products to meet the needs of users.

Shooters often take their vehicles into unforgiving terrain and having this sort of lighting tool available to provide more light available to light the path is ideal.

Illuminate large areas and you can rely on it not running flat with the PiggyBack charger and easy-to-change battery. It features an articulating blade that includes cool white LEDs for bright area illumination, High CRI LEDs with Streamlight’s proprietary Color-Rite Technology to better see the color spectrum, and a UV LED for leak detection.

The new Strion Switchblade has an MSRP that ranges from £85 to £155 depending on the configuration.

At first glance, it can be thought that the only function of a light is to enable you to see the target. But there are also other very important functions such as safety and reliability.

Even if you’re not intending to shoot at night, you cannot predict what emergency situations you might find yourself in, therefore it is always advisable to carry a flashlight.

For additional information, visit streamlight.com or connect with Streamlight on facebook.com/streamlightUK; twitter.com/StreamlightUK and instagram.com/streamlight_europe

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