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Pro-Ferrum is not a classic oil but was developed as a complex fluid for gun care. 

In complex fluids, a variety of active ingredients work together in a molecular, physical way. This interaction of physical forces of molecules is more efficient and smoother to the surface than in the case of a chemical attack from harsh corrosive oils and solutions. This fine molecular construction leaves your guns with a smooth silky finish, not an oily wet layer. 

Pro-Ferrum’s unique auto-emulsifying properties distinguishes that from other products; the fluid automatically absorbs water in the form of very small droplets and thus prevents direct contact with metal which would otherwise lead to moisture ingress and the initial signs of rust.

As a complex fluid with super-spreading properties Pro-Ferrum undercuts and breaks up combustion residues. These factors lead to incredible cleaning performance without the need for strong solutions or rigorous abrasive brushing.  

All ingredients are very gentle to the skin (DERMATEST certified as “EXCELLENT”) and to other materials. Materials such as wood used in gun stocks remain safe, whether it be an oil or open grain finish.

Due to its natural plant extracts, Pro-Ferrum inhibits microbial attacks in its pure form, but when mixed with water, Pro-Ferrum is readily biodegradable and environmentally friendly.  

Pro-Ferrum does not contain silicone oils or any fluoropolymers. Especially fluoropolymers form corrosive and toxic hydrofluoric acid at the high combustion temperatures in the barrel.

Pro-Ferrum also importantly remains non-carcinogenic, giving the user confidence of their health when combined with the DERMATEST certification.  

For more information, just visit: https://www.bisley-uk.com/product.php?i=PFA&c=42

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