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For most shooters, no matter what sort of shooting you do a quality telescopic scope (or 5!) is a must have accessory for your air rifle, rimfire or centerfire.

Whether it be for fun target plinking, competition targets, vermin control or gamekeeping or hunting a reliable quality scope suited to the task is essential. And in these difficult times a scope that is reliable, solid, easy to use and adjust and easy on the budget is more important than ever.

Tacticalscope.co.uk has been selling rifle scopes and accessories for 15 years. We specialise in the low to middle budget part of the market (think £50-500) with a scopes and accessories to suit needs from beginners and occasional fun shooter to those who need a scope that won’t break the bank for long range, big game, driven hunts and precision target shooting.

We are online and postal delivery only with all stock warehoused in the UK available for same day shipping on all orders placed by 1pm. Despite the current crisis our warehouse and staff are dedicated to remaining open to support fieldsports (which is after all a perfect social distancing activity!)

Free UK shipping on orders over £50. Use DISCOUNT CODE BOGOFFCV19 to get 6% off sitewide.

But what scope to choose?

The number of choices may seem bewildering at first so to help you choose here are some of the best selling models that appeal in terms of high quality, versatility and superb value for money (as well as mostly being in stock all the time!)

Hawke Vantage

Our best selling models that cover a huge range of needs. Magnification and objective lens sizes to suit all needs. Many feature parallax adjustment by Adjustable Objective (AO) or Side Focus (SF) Available with illuminated or non-illuminated reticles (IR). IR model reticles are all glass etched meaning they are indestructible by even the harshest recoil.

And speaking of recoil all Vantage scopes feature a mono-tube chassis proof against even magnum recoil. There are 1″ and 30mm tube models. 30mm with Wide Angle (WA) focus and choices with fixed or Side Focus PX.

Finally, a wide choice of reticles, mil dot, L4A dot, 30/30 and, unique to Hawke, a range of specialist reticles for specific rimfire calibers. Mostly Second Focal Plane with two new FFPs just added. If you’re looking for a brilliant scope in the £70-300 range and have not checked out a Vantage before do so now.

Hawke Airmax

Airmax are specialised optics for serious airgun shooters and hunters and are available in either 30mm or 1 inch chassis designs. Featuring the AMX reticle, which is based on mil spacing, the Airmax series have holdover and windage aim points perfect for pellet trajectories. 30mm models are all Side Focus with additional Side Focus wheels supplied in the box. 1″ are AO.

Recently added the 30 SF Compact models incorporate a shorter optical system, making them ideal for bull pup and forward loading air rifles. 30mm models all feature Illuminated Reticles (IR) 1″ AO models use a non-illuminated AMX reticle to improve downrange accuracy of any airgun shooter.

A more traditional scope design, the Airmax 1 inch models are a great option for hunters that wants to keep the weight of their rifle down. Just added are two 30mm First Focal Plane models and the truly unique 3-12×32 Touch model with zero eye relief for use on recoilless PCPs.

Nikko Stirling Panamax

We think these are the most underrated scope on the market! Similar in many ways to the Vantage 1″ tube models but with 20% Wider field of view. Available in the most popular general purpose magnification x Objective sizes with AO parallax adjustment and a choice of illuminated or non illuminated half mil dot reticles with the IR model reticles being beautiful fine clarity recoil indestructible etched glass.

All models are airgun, rimfire and centerfire rated though for shoulder breaking springer airguns we suggest getting an etched glass IR model (advice that is true for any scope by the way)

For more info or to buy visit www.tacticacsope.co.uk – 01291 762008 – sales@tacticalscope.co.uk

As well as the models above we stock many more Hawke and Nikko as well as scopes, red dots, mounts and accessories from Konus, Vortex, UTG, Optisan, Athlon, SWFA, PAO, Valiant, Clulite, Britannia Rails, Easyhit, Ruby, Eyeypal, Beartooth, ATN and NiteSite.

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