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The Gearach has been arranging international hunting in Europe, Africa and USA over the last 25 years. 

The latest incredible destination and quarry being the ancient predators, the big swamp Alligators of Louisiana. 

The Alligator open season is only a month in duration and  therefore hunting trips are strictly limited and on a first come first served basis. Hunting in the USA is strictly controlled by The Wildlife and Fisheries dept who require you to apply for Tags to allow you to hunt. 

This ensures responsible conservation. 

The Gearach will arrange your Tag and local Guide to provide a truly unique hunting experience. 

Arriving at Baton Rouge Airport and transferring smoothly to your accommodation via Cabelas or Bass Pro (essential!) hardly prepares you for the incredible Louisiana swamps and the wonderful Swamp People who live there. 

Snapping Turtles and all 4 of The USA’s poisonous snakes are found in the swamps, not to mention the Mighty Louisiana Alligator. 

Hunting Aligators requires patience and accuracy and is not for the feint hearted. Temperatures are likely to be 90-100 degrees in the shade, which is perfect for the Gators but always a challenge for us ! 

If you are an experienced hunter and wanted to hunt a quarry that hunts you! 

Then contact Mark Piper of The Gearach.  Www.thegearach.co.uk

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