SPONSORED: Yukon Sightline

The Sightline Series of Digital Night Vision Weapon Scopes are the new addition to the Yukon range. Some stand-out features are the 6.0-24.x mag (N470 model), impressive 450m detection range and the picture-in-picture function.

The Sightline benefits from the same highly sensitive 1280×720 CMOS HD sensor and AMOLED micro display as the more expensive Pulsar Digisight, but is more affordable as it doesn’t have the Stream Vision and built- in recording capability – ideal for the shooter who wants something straightforward and simple to use.

It is high calibre shock resistant, and powered with the DNV Battery pack (included) which makes battery changes in the field really easy. Purchase your Sightline N470 from Drew’s Lab and receive a PBiR-S Illuminator free of charge.

Try out the Yukon sightline alongside the full Yukon and Pulsar range at Drew’s Lab Night Vision and Thermal Night in Oxford on 2nd October

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