Sporting Rifle 168 is out now!

The latest edition of Sporting Rifle is now available.

As spring turns to summer, Sporting Rifle magazine is there with all the tips, tricks and kit you need to make the most of the long days – no matter what your chosen quarry or environment.

Firstly, we’re strong on stalking as always, with editor-in-chief Pete Carr leading the line with a tale of a medal buck that gave him the runaround a number of times in 2018.

David Barrington Barnes also recounts some of his finest stalking memories, and DSC2 witness Chris Dalton gives the inside track on how to pass this assessment.

Plus the BASC, BDS and Sporting Rifle head measuring columns are back, with no fewer than 59 heads that were scored in the early parts of 2019. We’ve got seasonal content for foxers too.

Mike Powell gives his tips on foxing in daytime and tells a few stories of how he gets the job done, as well as lining up the foxing rifles that have served him well over the years.

Robert Bucknell takes a new thermal scope for a spin, and Mark Ripley puts in a long shift accompanied by two other foxers to keep the lambs safe.

Plus we’ve got all the kit you can shake a pair of stalking sticks at: 27 stalking essentials, a Mossberg chassis rifle, Leica 2800.COM rangefinder ands .700 NE ammo.

That’s on top of all the usual news, views, reader questions answered, conservation insights and hunting legends remembered.

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