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Get ready for the rut! The August issue of Sporting Rifle is out just in time for the beginning of the roe rut.

It’s the most magical and productive time in many a roe stalker’s calendar, and we’ve got all the kit, advice and inspiration to help you make it a success.

Start off with Stuart Wilson’s guide to the basics of roe calling, from when to start to calling techniques and patterns to how it really works in the field. Meanwhile, Paul Childerley chances a call at the start of the rut, while Chris Dalton is called into action just as the rut is ending to take care of a rogue buck causing damage to a fruit tree plantation.

And we’ve got all the gear you’ll ever need, with 25 essential accessories rounded up over five pages. Mike Powell’s been testing gear too – he’s got a new set of sticks from Wicked Lights, and he finds that they might just be the best he’s ever used.

Will O’Meara assesses the relative advantages of moderators and muzzle brakes to find the right sound reduction solution for him, while Chris Parkin’s got a scope on test from new optical arrival, DD.

Also, don’t miss Daryl Crimp’s solo fallow stalk in New Zealand, Byron Pace’s documentation of elephant conservation on the ground, Mark Ripley’s foxing masterclass and the latest medal head roundup from BASC.

That plus the usual news, views, offers and competitions – it’s a truly packed issue and we don’t want you to miss it.

To pick up your copy or subscribe to Sporting Rifle, please visit:

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