Sporting Rifle 177 is out NOW!

Are you ready for the first edition of Sporting Rifle of 2020?

As far as sporting rifle shooters are concerned, February is the cruellest month – with fast-approaching deer cull deadlines, fox raids to take care of ahead of lambing season, red hind stalking at its peak, and little daylight (and even less sunlight) to do it in.

Luckily, we’re here to make those super-tough stalks a little easier, with our special issue covering the hardest hunts anywhere in the world, from the hills of the Highlands to the mountains of Russia.

Inside, you’ll find David Barrington Barnes giving us the definitive guide to stalking female fallow and red deer at this time of year; Byron Pace’s guide to selecting a rifle for hill stalking; Chris Dalton’s travails getting into red hinds with DSC2 clients; and the latest deer heads of all species to pass through the BASC, BDS and Sporting Rifle measuring service.

We’ve got a kit bonanza too, with the Sightmark Citadel scope and Accudot boresight, Pulsar Forward F455 and Nikko Stirling Octa all put through their paces.

And we line up the best binos and stalking clothing on the market too. Elsewhere, Will O’Meara tells us the new year’s resolutions all hunters should be making, Paul Childerley treks to Germany for the Zeiss media hunt in Laubach, and Thomas Nissen ascends to dizzying heights to hunt one of the world’s most elusive goat species.

And we’ve got a foxing frenzy from the likes of Mike Powell, Robert Bucknell and Mark Ripley, covering fox population growth, new foxing rifles and what you have to do when a vixen sets up her litter 50 yards from a chicken coop.

This is a truly packed issue – don’t miss it!

To get your copy and subscribe, just follow this link:

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