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Another year is drawing to close, and in Sporting Rifle’s December 2017 issue, we’re ending it with a bang.

We’ve compiled a winter hunting special, travelling to all corners of the globe to assemble the greatest collection of snowbound stalks, frigid foxing outings and sub-zero sport abroad ever put between two magazine covers. First, we interview one of the stars of Wild Boar Fever on his tips to make sure your winter driven boar hunts are a success. Then we’re in Austria ascending to 3,000 metres in search of chamois, down south in New Zealand enduring the rigours of a mountain hunt, and we profile one of Europe’s most sought-after game species, the mouflon.

Back on these shores, Dominic Griffith brings us a comprehensive guide to the winter deer cull – what decisions to make, which species to cull as a priority and what to avoid. Plus Will O’Meara gives us a technique masterclass, giving you everything you need to know to master shooting positions and feel comfortable in every shooting situation. It’ll really make a difference to your results in the field, so don’t miss it.

We’ve also got 24-hour foxing as Mike Powell covers the longest nights of the year, Mark Ripley heads out at dawn and dusk, and Robert Bucknell takes a look under the Christmas tree to reveal all the kit keen foxers should ask for this festive season. If it’s gifts you’re after, look no further than our six-page gift guide, too.

Plus there’s conservation viewpoints, nostalgia, essential advice for safety in the field, a review of Savage’s thumbhole .22 and a whole lot more.

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