Stalking practices called into question

Questions have been raised about a leading rewilding charity’s deer management practices after a dog walker came across the carcasses of a hind and calf apparently dumped at a beauty spot in the Scottish Highlands.

A dog walker came across the carcasses in the Nevis gorge near Fort William on 27 January. The animals appeared to have been gralloched and then left on the hillside. The Nevis gorge is part of a large estate owned by the John Muir Trust which includes much of Ben Nevis. 

“Every few years these things seem to happen on John Muir Trust ground. It is not isolated, sadly,” said Bill Cowie of the SGA Deer Group.

The Trust angrily denied any involvement saying: “We were curious as to why these carcasses had been dragged from the hillside and grouped closely together… We are aware that there are some individuals and organisations who are hostile to the John Muir Trust because of the prominent roles we have played in supporting the reform of deer management practices.”

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