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As summer gives way to autumn, are we rifle shooters feeling dejected? Nothing of the sort – September is one of the best times of year to be a sporting rifleman. With five of the six deer species in season and plenty of other sporting opportunities besides, there’s a huge variety of shooting on offer.

Our biggest focus this month isn’t deer of any sort, however: it’s Britain’s top predator, aka Vulpes vulpes, aka the fox. The harvest is not long gone and, thanks to the heatwave, the crop stubbles could be out for longer than usual this year – so it’s prime time for the foxer. We help you capitalise by bringing you a bumper crop of foxing tips, gear and stories from the field, with our top foxing Mike Powell, Robert Bucknell and Mark Ripley all contributing. Plus, we’ve got a foxing special of Ask The Experts with all your foxing problems solved, and we review a Remington 700 in .223 that’s perfect for foxing too.

Elsewhere, Chris Parkin takes a look at Hawke’s new wide-angle Endurance scope. And we line up ten NV units that won’t break the bank, as well as rounding up the hot new gear released to the rifle-shooting market at The Game Fair.

For deer stalkers, the fun isn’t over either. Paul Childerley reveals why the late season is sometimes the best time to go after a roebuck; and Will O’Meara shows you how to make the best use of technology in the field. We also take a look at the organisation that’s pushing forward the use of deer dogs in the UK.

Tom Barry spends time on the ground with anti-poaching units in the Congo, Kevin Thomas makes the case for why the zebra is one of the toughest plains game species, and Thomas Nissen ascends to the top of a mountain in British Columbia. Plus we’ve got all the news, views, competitions and conservation you could ever need. It’s a packed issue and you won’t want to miss a page.

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