The Shooting Show – South Ayrshire for the start of the roe doe season

We are out in South Ayrshire for the latest episode of The Shooting Show as we approach the start of the roe doe season.

It is towards the end of my cull but I wanted to check one of the farms close to the house where roe numbers had been building on some under-sown stubble turnips.

Often at this time of year,  newly sown crops as they germinate will draw roe from the woods and they can do a fair amount of damage left unchecked Also with the last of the harvest in and cover dying down it give me chance to check for foxes, do last minute counts to confirm my population estimates and hopefully finish off the buck cull at the farm.

Filmed over a couple of mornings the first outing I got into a nice buck but he had potential and so was left to fight another day. Day two saw us stalk into and shoot a cull buck, which also allowed me to take further samples for the Public Health England’s deer tick survey at Porton Down.

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