Tight fit for firearms

Royal Mail MX55YKLRoyal Mail has decided that it will still allow the transportation of firearms and their component parts in the post – but there’s a catch.

The UK’s main mail service provider has begun implementing a new code that limits the maximum parcel size that can be sent with Royal Mail, thereby preventing shooters from sending firearms by this method.

The new guidelines state that any parcel that is longer than 61cm has to be carried by Parcelforce, yet Parcelforce only delivers guns that are being transferred between registered firearms dealers.

There is no other economically viable alternative for the carriage of firearms and their components, and BASC has announced that it will continue to hunt for a solution to this restriction.

After last year’s consultation on the proposal to ban the carriage of guns and their parts, Royal Mail has gone against the wishes of the 1,500 people who emailed and wrote to the company to express their dismay, as well as airgunner Geoff Chim’s petition, which gained 2,236 signatures and 1,742 comments.

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One comment on “Tight fit for firearms
  1. Steve Yates says:

    i personally think that royal mail have been rather bloody sneeky getting this ruling in via the back door, i never did trusty sneaky gits Royal Mail have lost mt trade as of now, and i urge others to follow suit & vote with your feet, find another way, even if only temporarily, just to show our strength can affect thier profits. i think we should have a vote on Royal mail ban for one week from whatever date or one week per month so that the effect is felt and noticeable, this could easily be arranged via the shooting media internet forums & face book related pages….

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