UK foxes are bigger than ever

The debate on the increasing size of foxes in the UK has never been fiercer as the British record appears to have fallen once again.

Sporting Rifle recently reported on foxes weighing 34lb and 35lb, but a reader has now sent us the attached photo of a fox weighing no less than 38lb 1oz.

Robert Milne, of Highland Hunting in Aberdeenshire, wrote: “After producing the biggest and third biggest roebuck trophies measured in Britain this year, I would like to show your readers another record-breaker from our little undocumented corner of Scotland.

“This weighed 38lb 1oz and was 145cm from its snout to the tip of its tail. It was called to the lamp and shot by local stalker Alan Hepworth, who was out with his son Andy.”

With so many tales of huge foxes around, speculation is rife that there will be a 40lb fox shot before long. If you have shot a particularly large fox, let us know by email on – and send a picture.

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