Wild and Game launches family isolation pack: child friendly meals to your door

Wild and Game are back with a family isolation pack as the nation hunkers down in coronavirus lockdown.

Following on from the success of its isolation packs, Wild and Game, the not-for-profit company working to boost game consumption in the UK, has launched a new family isolation pack of frozen meals chosen to appeal to children as well as adults.

The aim of the pack is to make like easier for families in lockdown and get more people to try game for the first time – and hopefully like it so much it becomes a regular part of their diet. It provides a family of four with dinner for seven days at £1.79 per person per day.

British game is affordable, lean, healthy and in plentiful supply, but much of it is currently shipped abroad due to a lack of a market for it in the UK.

Wild and Game was founded with a mission to change that by offering a range of accessible, enjoyable game-based dishes based on popular British meals. It also sells packs of ready-to-cook game so that people can easily make their own dishes.

During the current coronavirus crisis, which has impacted supplies of food in the UK’s supermarkets, Wild and Game has been successfully putting game on the menu across the UK with its hugely popular isolation food packs, delivered to the door.

By introducing a family-friendly version the company hopes to encourage youngsters to enjoy game-based meals such as burgers, pies and lasagne. The pack also includes ready-to-cook game so that families can enjoy cooking their own recipes.

“We’ve all seen the queues and empty shelves in the supermarkets recently,” says Wild and Game co-founder Steven Frampton. “During the coronavirus crisis we’re working to make life easier for people by offering big packs of frozen meals, delivered to the door.

“Our isolation packs are proving hugely popular – so much so, we now offer several different versions, including this new addition, which provides a week’s worth of main meals for a family of four.

“We hope that these will prove popular with families interested in trying game, maybe for the first time. Game is delicious, healthy, affordable and a offers a refreshing change from the more familiar options such as beef and chicken. Our family packs offer a great introduction to it.”

Family Pack for seven days’ main meals for two adults and two children £49.99 plus delivery

New code for telephone orders: WG0154


  1. X1 1.4kg lasagne
  2. X1 pheasant breast 4 pack
  3. X1 500g venison mince
  4. X1 pheasant and venison burgers x4
  5. X2 premium chicken mushroom and pheasant pies, X2 small chicken mushroom and pheasant pies
  6. X4 steak and pheasant sausage rolls
  7. X1 pack 6 partridge breasts, X1 pheasant apple and calvados pate.

All For £49.99 with just £3.99 delivery.

Order now at www.wildandgame.co.uk 
Or phone at: 08004334334

The products arrive frozen but will keep in the fridge for 5 days if freezer space is limited.

All sample packs are listed here: https://www.wildandgame.co.uk/product-category/sample-boxes/

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