Will new government look after shooting?

The UK has a new majority government – and BASC is already hard at work in Westminster ensuring that the value of shooting is recognised by the new parliament.

The Conservative Party, typically viewed as the major party most sympathetic to shooting, takes the reins of power – however, these days nothing can be taken for granted, with MPs from any party seemingly capable of supporting anti-shooting legislation.

That’s why political advocacy on behalf of the shooting sports is more important than ever.

A BASC statement said: “BASC is committed to working with the new government to ensure that shooting’s value to rural communities is recognised and that its contribution to the UK economy is rightfully acknowledged.

“Shooting is worth an estimated £2 billion to the UK economy. The contribution to the health of the nation must be recognised and protected.

“Achieving positive outcomes for shooting and facing up to the challenges remains BASC’s priority and we will work with all sides in this parliament to achieve results that benefit shooting.

“The information received from our election platform will also be used to ensure we build relationships with those who are new to parliament to ensure we influence decisions that affect shooting and help shape the future for the economy and rural communities.”

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