Tactical T Series Spotting Scope – our latest scope review

Chris Parkin shares his views on the Legend Tactical T Series Spotting Scope from Bushnell.

Legend Tactical T-Series Spotting Scope on test

Bushnell’s Legend Tactical T series scope is a compact unit with compressed BAK4 Prism construction minimising its overall 280mm length without sacrificing optical quality.

The 60mm objective directs light through the tube of this compact “folded light path” optic before it is emitted through the eyepiece with magnification between 15x and 45x for detailed viewing.

The in-line design exhibits 30mm of eye relief with a three-position twist open eyecup to tailor it to your position, crucial on a scope that may be used from prone, not just with a vertical head position.

The exit pupil varies from 4mm down to 1.5mm diameter through the magnification range, simultaneously offering diminishing field of view from 60m @ 1,000m on 15x to 20m at 45x.

The weight of 1,092gr includes twin side and upper Picatinny rails for accessory mounting, allowing the scope to become an operational foundation on your tripod when shooting long range with Kestrel rangefinders or windmeters.

‘De rigeur’ iPhone photo through the Bushnell

The underside boasts a standard ¼” stainless steel mounting point for tripod and the fact there is a topside rail makes the scope usable upside down if the situation requires it, because in ‘normal mode’, the objective is above the eyepiece.

The squared stance of the scope also allowed me to lock it into the Pig Saddle on my Reckon Stocks for an ultra-lightweight yet super stable emergency setup when travelling with minimum kit.

Tactical T Series Spotting Scope – details

Price: £595.65 
Edgar Brothers: 01625 61317, www.edgarbrothers.com

The scope has a tough rubberised finish that’s a little paler than flat dark earth, with black, rubber collars around all controls. Moving back from the body, the zoom ring is the largest of the control rings, image focus sits next and, just before the eyecup, there is a dioptre adjuster to ensure the internal first focal plane mrad reticle is crisp to the eye.

All feature smooth control of function with distinct focus points and minimal physical force needed, to reduce disruption to point of aim. You can intentionally place the reticle out of focus if you don’t want it to interfere with the overall picture, a masterstroke to avoid visual confusion of detail when spotting tiny details in the distance.

Showing the objective lens above the ocular enables a lower head position when remaining covert

All lenses are multicoated with a subsequent IPX7 waterproof rating to the entire body. A soft cordura travel case is supplied for protection with rubber eye caps to conceal both lenses. And the unit can focus down as close as 11 metres.

I really need to trust my spotting scope for long-range work commitments and this compact, lightweight optic lived in my day-to-day travel kit throughout its test period alongside me. Image detail was sharp with a good colour balance in daylight and linear descent in performance as brightness decreased with no specific cut off point or haze.

The reticle was a joy to use alongside similarly equipped FFP riflescopes for coordinated shooter/spotter conversation on steel targets and I think this is a great representation of what Bushnell do so well – performance without pretension.

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