Weaver Classic K6

Mark Stone tests one of the biggest names in American riflescopes

The Weaver scope atop a CZ 512 semi-auto .22LR

Once looked upon as one of the greatest names in American scope manufacturing, the Weaver name has returned. Ok, the scopes are now manufactured in Japan, but the ethos remains the same: good basic optics that can take the strain, withstand the knocks, and deliver the goods. It’s a given that at that price, the Classic K6 6×38 isn’t going to bring the exacting refinement of European optics – then again, it isn’t meant to. What this fixed-magnification scope is meant to do is get you and your chosen rifle on target with the minimum of fuss while withstanding dangerous game calibre shock for thousands of rounds – and UK importer Edgar Brothers is more than confident in its ability to do so.

Measuring exactly 29cm in length, the single-piece matte black finished 1in tube body is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium – the same material Weaver has chosen for its turret caps. Weaver is currently somewhat tight lipped about the exact specifications over the entire Classic range. However, the 6×38 is fitted with an etched Dual-X reticle, which translates into simplified Duplex-style, with broad-style outer crosshairs culminating in fine crosshair lines. Although it isn’t precise, expect a field of view that equates to about six degrees. Meanwhile, the excellent eye relief is a good 3½in, enhancing the scope’s fast mount usability.

All lenses are multi-coated to cut down on glare and aid in light gathering, and the turret adjustment is the usual 60 clicks for one full rotation, each individual click equating to ¼in at 100 yards. The best way to turn them is via pressure from the thumb pad, which can prove troublesome if you need to make fine adjustments. Results can be achieved more easily with the edge of a 1p coin.

Exactly 29cm in length, the new 6×38 Classic K6 from Weaver embodies the make’s traditional values

The well-known saying ‘it is what it is’ certainly applies to Weaver’s Classic K6 in fixed 6×38, which is an unassuming yet effective scope. It’s designed to take the knocks while providing resilient, reliable optics over a whole host of calibres and applications. I mounted it using Weaver’s matching Grand Slam mounts onto one of CZ’s new 512 .22LR semi-autos. You could possibly claim the gun was over-scoped, but the results bore it out as a good choice. The Weaver exhibited excellent eye relief, decent angle of view, a good all-round magnification, light gathering that allowed shooting to continue well beyond sunset, and etched crosshairs that came easily into view in twilight. Using it in conjunction with a scope-mounted hunting torch, I found myself wanting for little.

Even though Weaver claims that the natural perch for this scope is a bolt-action .375 H&H, this inexpensive optic’s performance was there to be seen on my test. I’d prefer adjustment turrets that were slightly easier to manipulate, but if that’s the only criticism I can level at the Classic K6 then to be honest it’s hardly worth mentioning. What is worth mentioning, though, is that for £237 you’re firmly into some versatile glass that delivers on performance rather than gadgetry. Mating it to the scope’s matching Weaver Grand Slam mounts only adds an extra £37 to the cost – still far from a bank-breaking price tag.
For more information on the 6×38 and the full range of Weaver scopes and mounts, visit www.edgarbrothers.com or call 01625 613177.

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