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General licences in England extended

Defra have extended the temporary general licences in England until the end of July. BASC have said that this gives a “window of certainty to the rural community.” BASC say that they “will continue to work with Defra and parliamentarians

General licences: what’s the latest?

Six weeks on from the original withdrawal of three general licences for the control of pest bird species, confusion still reigns. For shooters everywhere, questions are still being asked. What can we shoot now? What do we need to apply

Everything you need to know about the general licence issues

In the wake of the news three of the general licenses in England, which permit the taking of pest bird species including pigeons, crows and magpies, was revoked last Thursday, here is everything you need to know about general licenses

Gamekeepers urged: Respond to General Licence consultation

Gamekeepers should act today to safeguard the General Licence for shooting pest bird species in England, the NGO has said.

General Licence under scrutiny

Shooting organisations are calling for all shooters to pull together to protect the General Licence in England.

The Shooting Show – muntjac triple PLUS general licence news

The Shooting Show – muntjac triple PLUS general licence news

BASC criticises licensing system

BASC has voiced concerns with the current general licensing system, suggesting that a simplified set of regulations would be more appropriate.

BASC: Wild Justice must not be allowed to close down our countryside

BASC has accused Wild Justice of trying to close down the Welsh countryside after the group threatened another legal challenge to the licensing system for the control of wild birds. Wild Justice has written to Natural Resources Wales (NRW) requesting

Notts takes law into own hands

Nottinghamshire is the latest police force to ignore Home Office guidelines and demand a General Practitioner’s letter when shooters apply for, or renew, a certificate. They join Lincolnshire, Kent and Merseyside in this practice, which is not supported by Home Office guidance.

Welsh setback for shooting

Shooting organisations have been dealt a blow in the battle to restore shooting on Welsh public land. BASC, the NGO and the Countryside Alliance were trying to mount a judicial review against the ban – but a judge has refused

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