The Shooting Show – hind stalking and gralloching in a gale

Chris Dalton heads out on the Kinnaird Estate with a hind in mind. He’s got to get his hind cull going for the winter and this is a good opportunity to get one. But the weather, which started off so

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The Shooting Show – last stag stalk of the season with Chris Dalton

Back in October, Chris Dalton has a last-minute red stag stalk to take care of, with one left to complete his cull quota and just a couple of days to do it in. On a solo stalk on the Kinnaird

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From the Archives: buck stalk and suspended gralloch in Ayrshire

Get ready for another trip down memory lane in this week’s edition of From the Archives, from The Shooting Show. We join Chris Dalton as he breaks in a new Browning X Bolt rifle and Ariat Catalyst Defiant boots ahead

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Protection mission

Chris Dalton doesn’t often stalk on summer evenings, but a pair of bucks with their eyes (and antlers) on his fruit trees has him breaking the habit and heading out with the rifle

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Stalking stories: How a dedicated vegetarian became a hunter

Chris Dalton relates a successful effort to get newcomers into deer stalking, with a client who started as a vegetarian now established as a stalker on her own ground

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Video of the week: Hard red hind stalking in Scotland

South Ayrshire Stalking’s Chris Dalton is out on two separate days after red hinds in Argyll and Angus. There’s a frustrating blank on the first day, and then he’s greeted by subzero temperatures on day two, limiting the amount of

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The big freeze

Ayrshire pro stalker Chris Dalton looks back to the first days of this year’s buck season, when the deep snow raised a whole new challenge for him and his determined client

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