Reading the Signs

Rudi van Kets presents the definitive guide to interpreting shot signs and animal behaviour when recovering quarry

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Despicable Practice

Most of us who have anything to do with foxes will have heard stories or even witnessed fox behaviour that doesn’t always ring true. For instance, some 20 years ago a local farm manager used to drive around the fields in his Subaru Estate, with his son stood up out of the sunroof shooting rabbits and the odd fox with the shotgun. That is, if they happened to be out in the middle of a field where they could give chase before they reached the safety of the hedge.

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Foxing: Old meets new

Mike Powell combines tried-and-tested technology with something new as a thermal imager in conjunction with an image-intensifier unit account for a troublesome fox I have mentioned before that a farmer friend of mine has a small son who is farming mad.

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