Calling and culling

Credit: David Babos / 500px / Getty Images The rut can be a time to grass bucks that have eluded you all year, says David Barrington Barnes, but this makes good sense and restraint all the more important. I remember

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Ask the experts: Small rangefinder or binocular type?

I am thinking of getting a rangefinder for foxing. What’s your opinion of the range finding binocular option as opposed to the normal small rangefinder?

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Ask the experts: How can I get the best out of my rangefinder?

Any tips to get the most out of a rangefinder? I find mine quite fiddly to use and get accurate results with – my usual quarry is the fox, so not the biggest and easiest animal to range. Should I just give up?

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Monarch binocular cover

A review by Byron Pace

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