The Shooting Show – high-flying late-season game bird shooting

Gerwyn Jones is going home again – he’s headed to Old Long Mountain near Welshpool in Wales for the first of three days’ driven game shooting. With the season nearly at an end, these birds are strong on the wing

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From the Archives: Early season driven grouse on Farndale Moor

The grouse season is in full swing here in 2019, but for From the Archives, we’re taking you back to 2017 to revisit how director Pete Carr got on during a day of driven grouse. We’ve assembled the crack shots

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BASC disputes lead claim for raptor losses

A recent report links lead shot and lead ammunition to the deaths of red kites in the UK, and calls for the uptake of non-lead alternatives. But BASC says the evidence has been exaggerated to support this claim.

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Waterfowl disturbed more by walkers than shooters

Interim results from a study at Bournemouth University show that walkers disturb waterfowl more regularly than wildfowling. The ongoing study, commissioned by BASC, is measuring the relative potential impacts of a variety of activities, including dog walking and wildfowling in

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