Ask the experts: Setting up a scope cam

How can I set up a scope cam so I can record my shots in the field?

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Eye on the target

Mark Ripley gets hands-on to test the new Target Vision range camera from Scott Country, finding it a valuable aid to long-range shooting practice

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Baiting the Lens

Vital for any deer manager is getting to know the size and structure of deer numbers on your ground. John Johnson explains how to get the most accurate data from a baited camera trap survey

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Candid Camera

John Johnson weighs up the pros and cons of stalking and shooting deer – with a trail camera

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NEW! Swarovski iPhone 6 adaptor

The Swarovski Optik iPhone adapter is now also available for the iPhone 6. The PA-i6 adapter is used to attach Swarovski scopes and binos to the iPhone to produce telephoto zoom lenses, making digiscoping accessible to even more users. With the adaptor,

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Dealing with Failure

Andrew Venables looks into why shooters, himself included, sometimes miss – and what they should do to address the problem

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SpyPoint BF-12HD

This SpyPoint trail camera is an essential piece of stalking equipment.

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Spy by night

Whether you need to keep an eye on your quarry or just enjoy watching the wildlife, Sporting Rifle’s Mike Powell has the lowdown on the technology to help you do it

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