Clean up your act

There’s a new gun cleaning product on the market: Pro Ferrum, the world’s first gun care superfluid to emulsify, encapsulate and disperse water. This, the manufacturer says, guarantees unrivalled cleaning properties for any rifle, ensuring optimum performance for years to

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Ask the experts

Our team of experts solves five more of your burning questions, from calibres to cleaning. Got a question? Then Contact: or post your question to: Sporting Rifle, Future Publishing Ltd, Units 1-3, Sugarbrook Court, Aston Road, Bromsgrove B60 3EX.

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Code Blue

Ideal as a hunting accessory, the Code Blue product range is a revolutionary formula based on eliminating human odour at the molecular level. Many odour neutralisers simply cover up your scent, but deer can still detect the human sweat and

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