Daryl Crimp

Daryl Crimp’s African hunt

Leading a team of three Australian hunters in Africa, Daryl Crimp encounters big cats, ancient art and a lost impala that they weren’t the first to find. A big tom leopard padded across the path in front of us, its

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Sporting Rifle 170 is out NOW

Get ready for summer and all the glorious rifle sport it brings with the Summer special issue of Sporting Rifle magazine. Inside, we travel round the world too bring you a celebration of the very best, most challenging and inspiring

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Hungary buck fever

Daryl Crimp finds himself praying to the goddess Diana on a four-day roebuck hunt in Hungary. We bobbed along in a frozen ocean. A golden sea of sunflowers bordered by a foamy swathe of maize. The troughs and gullies were

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Hunting in the grip of hunger

We were fully expecting the sika to be squawking and squealing

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