Why We Shoot: Future’s new pro-shooting campaign

Why We Shoot is a new collaborative campaign between all the print and digital brands within the newly expanded Future fieldsports portfolio. Why We Shoot aims to raise awareness of the positive ripple effect and numerous benefits of shooting. Our

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Will new government look after shooting?

The UK has a new majority government – and BASC is already hard at work in Westminster ensuring that the value of shooting is recognised by the new parliament. The Conservative Party, typically viewed as the major party most sympathetic

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Ask the experts: The cost of shooting

The price of shooting seems to be going up all the time. I am resisting haggling every time I go into a gun shop because I assume there are wider legislative or economic forces at work behind all the price rises. But am I right?

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PACEC report 2014 is under way

Shooting organisations are asking members to report on their sport as the PACEC survey to gauge the value of shooting gets under way.

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