Having a positive environmental impact

Shooters pride themselves as being custodians of the environment, and that means a lot more than just shooting the right animals, says Peter Carr Giving some thought to where you take the 4×4 is just one way you can reduce

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Winter time stalking

As Thomas Nissen follows a team of hunters through the Latvian wilderness, he experiences more than just one kind of game The terrain is covered with a thin layer of snow and the temperature has dropped to minus 14 degrees,

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George Eustice named new DEFRA Secretary

In the latest cabinet reshuffle, George Eustice MP has been named as the new environment secretary. George Eustice comes from a farming background. He replaces the outgoing Theresa Villiers as the head of DEFRA. BASC says the appointment of George

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SPONSORED: Norma Ecostrike™

In Norma’s Strike series, there is something for everyone, and now we’re looking at the Ecostrike. Ecostrike offers the latest in non-lead technology, with great weight retention and deadly accuracy. A light bullet surpassing a heavy one? Ecostrike™ makes the

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Every purchase you make from Fin and Game gives back!

Fin and Game are “absolutely delighted” to announce that they have become a member of 1% For The Planet. This means that every purchase you make from Fin and Game, 1% of every sale will go directly back to organisations

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Countryside issues matter to Labour, BASC rural reception told

David Drew MP addressing rural concerns at day 3 of the Labour Party Conference(Credit: BASC, Photograph by Elliott Franks) Shadow DEFRA minister David Drew MP told a rural reception at Labour’s autumn conference that uncertainty caused by Brexit risks damaging

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Daryl Crimp’s African hunt

Leading a team of three Australian hunters in Africa, Daryl Crimp encounters big cats, ancient art and a lost impala that they weren’t the first to find. A big tom leopard padded across the path in front of us, its

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New Zealand has just come close to a cataclysmic mass cull of its tahr herd. Byron Pace uncovers how these plans came about and how they were stopped at the last minute

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Deer detrimental to natural forest development

Deer cause turmoil for woodland symbiosis by preventing forests from establishing, claims recent study.

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Scottish stalkers told to get qualified

Scottish deer stalkers have been challenged to take the Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 – or they may see laws introduced making them officially register and undertake a competence course before going out on the hill.

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