SPONSORED: Wildcat Sound Moderators

–SPONSORED POST– Wildcat design and manufacture Wildcat Sound Moderators at their premises in Worcestershire with their own engineer. Wildcat are a small British family business and pride themselves on the quality of their engineering and providing expert customer service, and are

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Roe rut stalking tips

The roe rut isn’t always magical – half the time it’s fruitless and frustrating. Dominic Griffith unravels the mystery around this key period in the stalker’s calendar

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Premier species

Sporting shot Mike Yardley advocates the pursuit of roe, looks at a few finer points of the sport, and reveals what works best for him when stalking

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Looking and seeing

‘Foxspert’ Robert Bucknell says that noticing foxes in cover is all about looking for what isn’t there rather than what is there, and that time taken to train the eye is time well spent

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