Tough adversary

Credit: Jim Cumming / Getty Images On a seemingly endless mission to catch a fox, Mark Ripley suffers every setback imaginable, from blank outings to vehicular malfunctions It was 5am and I was headed to the farm on probably my

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On the Lamb

A good sheep farmer knows two very important things: when to get the ewes to the safety of the lambing sheds and what constitutes good predator control. In relation to foxes, that’s having a man or men he can trust to respect his land and get the job done quickly and discreetly.

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Dinnertime Disturbance

Some days it seems I’ve hardly sat down for a brew after work when the phone rings with a farmer or landowner on the other end frantically relating how he’s just seen a fox take a lamb or chicken and can I go immediately to nab it.

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