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Conservation is at the heart of everything RWI do.  It’s a well-known fact that game farms are leading the way for sustainable hunting, and Olivewoods is no exception to this. Olivewoods Game Farm is located 1-hour north-east of Port Elizabeth

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Fox hunting with Mark Ripley

Some foxes manage to defy the odds, much to the frustration of seasoned shooters. Mark Ripley tries to take his chances with one particular adversary. Anyone who regularly undertakes fox-control duties, particularly on farms, will have at some point come

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Stubble trouble

It’s the time of year when anyone can have foxing success with no trouble – right? Robert Bucknell says that, after a heatwave, the post-harvest period might be a little different this year

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The long and short of it

Known more for his exceptionally long-range shots, Mark Ripley is tasked with a short-range encounter, controlling foxes in a pea-souper on a poultry farm

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