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GPS are still demanding money

A Lincolnshire GP demanded £90 for the basic medical check

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EU Battle wages on

The proposed reforms to firearm law have been revised, but some commentators are still critical

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NI licence fees set

Northern Ireland has agreed a new system for firearms licence fees. A figure of £98 pounds has been agreed between BASC, the department of justice, and the police. A variation will cost £30 – far less than the £89 originally

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Past conditional, future perfect?

Conditions on firearm certificates are a bugbear for many shooters. Helena Douglas takes a look at the practicalities of new proposals to simplify licence conditions. It is a criminal offence to fail to comply with a condition on a firearm certificate. Doing so

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Long delays for NI firearms licensing

BASC has deemed protracted delays in processing firearms licences in Northern Ireland “unacceptable”, and says the issue should be dealt with urgently. In several cases, it has taken over a year for individuals to receive a decision regarding their application.

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Uniform firearm policy

Police forces have been instructed to remove unequal conditions on the use of lawful firearms. While some forces include the condition that states Any Other Lawful Quarry (AOLQ) may be shot on land that they have permission to shoot on,

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Police review licence delays

Sporting shooters have been frustrated and worried by delays in processing firearms licence requests.

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