How to complete your late roe doe season cull

The roe doe season finishes at the end of March for rifle hunters and gamekeepers, and the sooner you can get your cull done, the better. Here’s how to do it… Get to know your deer and plan carefully (Credit:

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The chase is on

Mike Powell delves further into the habits of foxes around mating season, and how you can exploit them Credit: Dgwildlife / Getty Images There are two main times of year when calling foxes can really work well. The first comes

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Frisky foxes

Fox mating season is upon us, and seasoned foxer Mike Powell shows you how to make the most of it Credit: mlorenzphotography / Getty Images With one or two exceptions, most forms of live quarry shooting involve seasons. Some of

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Foxing: going the distance

Want to become a long-range foxer – or just test your rifle set-up to its very limit? Mark Ripley shows you the basics of long-range shooting How do you get started in long-range shooting? That’s a question I often get

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Q&A: Is TI worth the extra money?

First your magazines were excited about NV; now it’s TI. As a relative Luddite can you explain the practical difference between those two? Is TI worth the extra money?

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