The chase is on

Mike Powell delves further into the habits of foxes around mating season, and how you can exploit them Credit: Dgwildlife / Getty Images There are two main times of year when calling foxes can really work well. The first comes

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Frisky foxes

Fox mating season is upon us, and seasoned foxer Mike Powell shows you how to make the most of it Credit: mlorenzphotography / Getty Images With one or two exceptions, most forms of live quarry shooting involve seasons. Some of

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Foxing: going the distance

Want to become a long-range foxer – or just test your rifle set-up to its very limit? Mark Ripley shows you the basics of long-range shooting How do you get started in long-range shooting? That’s a question I often get

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Q&A: Is TI worth the extra money?

First your magazines were excited about NV; now it’s TI. As a relative Luddite can you explain the practical difference between those two? Is TI worth the extra money?

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