Stalking practices called into question

Questions have been raised about a leading rewilding charity’s deer management practices after a dog walker came across the carcasses of a hind and calf apparently dumped at a beauty spot in the Scottish Highlands. A dog walker came across

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The Shooting Show – Protecting new growth from red deer

Having spotted some reds coming off the hill onto a vulnerable restock site which has only recently been planted, an inspection soon confirmed the damage that was being done. It was also close to a barley field where some serious

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Roebuck stalking with the next generation

Sporting Rifle editor Pete Carr does his bit to introduce the next generation as he takes granddaughter Sienna out on her first roebuck stalk. Credit: Dieter Hopf / Getty Images It’s always a pleasure to introduce youngsters to the sport

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From the Archives: buck stalk and suspended gralloch in Ayrshire

Get ready for another trip down memory lane in this week’s edition of From the Archives, from The Shooting Show. We join Chris Dalton as he breaks in a new Browning X Bolt rifle and Ariat Catalyst Defiant boots ahead

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The Shooting Show – roebuck stalking and skinning with Chris Dalton

We’re back up in Scotland with Chris as he goes on a number of outings after the bucks. Of course, things are never easy, and whenever the bucks show up the camera isn’t there and vice versa… When Chris finally

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Stalking getaway with Paul Childerley

Getting a break from the constant demands of being a gamekeeper, Paul Childerley heads out for an evening of much-needed R&R: rifle and roebucks. I set off on a sunny afternoon in May to try my luck on a roebuck and

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The best of it

David Barrington Barnes says some of his best memories have been forged on the hill in search of a stag – but wonders if future generations will get the opportunity to do the same

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Choosing a hunting knife

In a departure from reviewing rifles, Byron Pace revisits the important subject of knife selection

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Hampshire stalk

Brian Phipps joins deer expert Dominic Griffith on a stalk through an idyllic Hampshire estate

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