The lamping season begins

With new kit to test and a new problem fox on his hands, Mike Powell heads out for his first nocturnal outing of the new season as the nights draw in

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4GREER Rangemaster

Inovatech made a name for itself with the Tiablo A10-G lamping kits, and now there’s a new kit available centred on the 4GREER Rangemaster. This lamp can put light out up to 400 metres, with a tight beam that can be further tightened

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4Greer Rangemaster

Newly available through distributor Inovatech, this gun-mountable light boasts a usable range of over 400 yards. Here’s what Sporting Rifle’s Byron Pace had to say when testing this torch: “The claims certainly rang true: it is quite incredible what can be packed

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