Calling them in

For several years I have been using a variety of night vision equipment. I find this is an intriguing insight into the way nocturnal wildlife carries on when it is undisturbed. To increase one’s knowledge, it is sometimes better to watch than shoot.

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Quietly Confident

Over the last 10 years, my main tool to keep fox population down in my area has been a Heym SR30 straight bolt in .25-06, loaded with Hornady 75-grain V-Max pushed out at around 3,600fps by VarGet powder. I knew if the fox presented itself at 300 yards it would go down. However, hot loads have taken their toll on the barrel, and its accuracy isn’t what it was, so I invested in an Antonio Zoli rifle in .243 Win.

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Afraid of the Light

When the midsummer growth obscures much of the countryside, I spend a substantial amount of time sitting out and waiting for the quarry species to come to me.

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Foxing foreplay

Top foxer Mark Nicholson offers his advice on calling difficult foxes during the mating season while getting to grips with the latest Xenon HID lamp from Lightforce

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Czech mate

Nick Latus gets his hands on a popular rimfire from CZ and soon fills his boots on a rabbiting mercy mission for a local lady landowner

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From dusk till dawn

Top foxer Mark Nicholson shows how effective lamping is after suffering more than a little anxiety owing to the late harvest in East Yorkshire

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