Laurie Holland

Primers: Pockets and Positioning

Laurie Holland examines some of the mechanical issues that can affect primer performance Before looking at primer seating, what factors influenced the results in the first two parts of this review? The first is the application itself, so my results

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The 21st-Century Cartridge: Laurie Holland concludes his study of the 6.8mm Rem SPC

Handloading the 6.8 Rem SPC is fairly straightforward, but does present challenges – mainly finding propellants that provide maximum performance from its small case. Also, since we’re stuck with manual bolt operation and straight-pulls lack the primary extraction cams found

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Bullets, MVs and groups: Part two of Laurie Holland’s investigation into the 6.8mm Rem SPC

We have a small AR/M16/M4 compatible .270 calibre cartridge, the project inspired and driven by American military Spec-Ops users. It employs a slightly shorter case than that of the 5.56/.223, but it’s fatter – increasing the capacity – and has

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