BASC release free new mobile App

BASC members can now keep up to date with the new BASC App. The App is free, and available to download from the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Chrome Web Store. It features the latest news from BASC,

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iShoot to hit the shelves

Sporting Rifle’s publisher Blaze Publishing is expanding iShoot – its successful digital title for the live quarry shotgun shooting market – by merging it with Modern Gamekeeping

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New digital shooting mag

Blaze Publishing has launched iShoot, an interactive shooting magazine covering all aspects of shooting in the UK and abroad

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Shooting magazine reminder

BASC is reminding its members to report any instances of age restrictions being placed on shooting magazines at supermarkets or newsagents

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New Blaser on the block

Tim Pilbeam field tests the Blaser R8, which sees the popular R93 updated with an innovative magazine unit and a new trigger

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