night shooting

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Whether it’s for accurately identifying and spotting your quarry or for safety, a bright and versatile torch is one thing you should always carry. Most newcomers to the sport tend to start out shooting during day light hours, but the

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Are you prepared for late summer?

Credit:Rob Janné / Getty Images Get your equipment ready and sharpen up your fieldcraft, says Mike Powell – things are about to get busy… Late summer is a really busy time for me and my shooting mate, Callum. In the

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Predator Pursuit torchlight review

NV may be all the rage but the world of lamps and torches is keeping apace with developments, as Mike Powell found when testing the Predator Pursuit gunlight

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Technique Q&A: foxing

Q: I have just acquired my first 4×4 and will be using it to shoot foxes on a local farm. Have you any tips as to the best way to go about it? A: Mike says: These days shooting from

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Q&A: Is TI worth the extra money?

First your magazines were excited about NV; now it’s TI. As a relative Luddite can you explain the practical difference between those two? Is TI worth the extra money?

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