Management for survival

Sustainable use is about more than giving hunters what they want, says Byron Pace – it is vital for supporting local communities. Rain is something I am normally all too happy to see stop. We are used to it in

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SPONSORED: Real World Hunting International

Conservation is at the heart of everything RWI do.  It’s a well-known fact that game farms are leading the way for sustainable hunting, and Olivewoods is no exception to this. Olivewoods Game Farm is located 1-hour north-east of Port Elizabeth

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Save the rhino auction closes tomorrow!

Hurry up! It’s your last chance to bid in our auction to raise funds for Save The Rhino – bids close tomorrow on 15 March… We’re closing our 2018/19 auction for Save The Rhino International on 15 March, so if

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Urban foxing?

Foxing in the countryside is one thing. But foxing on the boundaries of your land, or near a nosy or fox-hugging neighbour, is quite another. Robert Bucknell shows you how to make it work in close quarters

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Why one hunter is worth 1,500 tourists

A poaching-threatened reserve in the Greater Kruger area in South Africa made a shocking discovery about the true price of phototourism in the region

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The rhino’s last stand: Witnessing the danger African anti-poaching units face every day

Ahead of launching Sporting Rifle’s 2018 auction to raise funds for Save The Rhino, editor-in-chief Peter Carr outlines the experiences of Big Game Parks in Swaziland

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Elephant in the room

Recounting his first close encounter with elephants, Byron Pace contemplates the challenges facing their very survival, and why hunting them offers hope for the species’ future

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Killing fields: The big game hunters who are fighting poachers in southern Africa

Paying hunters play a critical role in helping rid the African safari scene of its biggest scourge: inhumane poachers with their deadly traps. Professional Hunter Kevin Thomas witnesses their efforts first-hand

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Fight poaching with a smartphone

Modern technology is helping to fight poaching – and you can be part of the solution

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Poaching report notebook produced

A new notebook to help the public record suspected poaching or coursing incidents has been produced. PAW Scotland Poaching and Coursing Priority Group released the notebook to allow people to record as much accurate and detailed information as possible to

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