Mike Powell’s report on fox populations

Mike Powell provides a report on fox populations, and his own exploits, in winter 2019. Credit: Michael Breuer / Getty Images As far this winter’s foxing has been concerned, the headline news is that we took above average numbers here.

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Lions of America

Ahead of a trip Stateside, Byron Pace investigates the status of the cougar – or mountain lion – which has been brought back from the brink of extinction

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The Quantock count

The Quantock hills red deer count shows signs of recovery after eight years of continuous decline

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Dolman denies media cull reports

After many newspapers and online sources reported that between 50 and 60 per cent of the UK’s deer population must be culled, the head researcher behind the study, Dr Paul Dolman, has revealed that his findings were misrepresented

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Rhino population decline continues

The African Rhino Specialist Group (AfRSG) has warned that overall population numbers could begin to fall by 2015. So far this year, one rhino has been killed by poachers every 11 hours.

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Muntjac management

Simon Barr joins deer specialist Richard Scrope to control the local muntjac population and gets a look at one of the country’s most spectacular trophy rooms on the way

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The natural survivor

Mike Powell reflects on over half a century’s fox control efforts, which have seen the UK’s top predator become more common and less wary despite the nation’s increased interest in foxing

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Cornish deer on the rise

Cornwall’s deer population has risen 10-fold in the last decade, according to reports.

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