The Shooting Show – Night-time lamping

Don’t miss the latest episode of The Shooting Show! Jimmy and Joel are charged with the task of culling a few of the rabbits which are causing damage to the arable crops, a very windy and occasionally wet night is

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North York Moors economy benefits from good grouse season

There were over 6,500 days of seasonal employment provided in the North York Moors during the grouse season. The local North York Moors community is reflecting on what has been a successful grouse season (Aug 12 –Dec 10), with most estates having

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A lifetime of rifles

From humble beginnings with a BSA to today’s exploits with Sauer, Howa, Anschütz and CZ, Mike Powell discusses the rifles that have been important to his shooting life I really can’t explain why I have always been heavily involved with

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NEW! The Shooting Show – rabbits and rats with the ATN X Sight

Byron Pace gets his hands on a unique bit of night-shooting technology, the ATN X Sight. This is an all-in-one day-and-night scope with a price tag it’s impossible to beat. But is it really any good? Taking it through the

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Deer numbers up, fox down?

A new study, whose stated aim is to gauge the fortunes of Britain’s wild mammals, has said that deer numbers are on the increase – but rabbit, hare and fox have fallen.

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Coney control

Tony Megson brings about the demise of a number of crop-raiding coneys and longs for the crops to be away so he can get at them properly

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